Training Overview

Degree Training
Training Overview

The "Horticulture Technician" operates in the vegetable farming enterprises, fruit or ornamental, or any related services. He is considered as a technical adviser, a foreman or manager.He must carry out or enforce work related to the preparation of culture media, and crop establishment, while ensuring the conditions for plant growth and protection. These products being prepared, they are harvested and packaged before being sold.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:
  • Produce seedlings
  • Manage the installation of a culture
  • Manage the maintenance of a culture
  • Managing irrigation
  • Manage fertilization
  • Protecting crops
  • Manage supplies
  • Manage and supervise staff
  • Manage harvests
  • Establish the schedule.
Age Restriction: 30 years old
School level required:  
  • 2nd year Baccalaureate experimental sciences, mathematics, economic or technical,  
  • Worker Qualified Green SpacesOr  
  • High level of qualification in the sectors listed below, belonging to training institutions of the Department of Agriculture: 
  • Worker installer of irrigation systems, 
  • Polyculture farming 
  • Gardening, 
  • Arboriculture, 
  • Gardening, 
  • Fruit Trees, 
  • Worker medicinal and aromatic plants.

  • Qualities and skills the candidate must have:
  • sense of responsibility, organization and discipline  
  • sense og autonomy, analysis, creativity and initiative  
  • good interpersonal skills  
  • Self-control, passion for technology and ambition for career development

  • Training Selection Methods:
  • Guidance form to fill out  
  • Admission Tests.
  • The training is modular, and assessments are carried out as follows:
    • Continuous Controls;
    • Culminating examinations;
    • passing examinations;
    • End of training examination
    The main changes that may affect, in the future, the work of Horticulture Technician depend particularly on the following conditions :
    • In most companies, a significant change is expected. New international markets should emerge, in the short and medium term. The technology and business practices will have to adapt to these changes. The work of the technician will have to integrate new skills, in order to show compliance with these international regulations on hygiene, safety, quality control, traceability etc. (HCCP, ISO etc.)
  • The use of increasingly important IT tools will have an impact on how to perform certain tasks. It is about the use of highly specific software, information search on the Internet and computer databases. It it also involving the use of computerized systems for large horticultural companies, etc.
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