Training Overview

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Training Overview

The "Skilled Technician in Software Development" is a support professional development and maintenance of computer applications. It intervenes, usually on behalf of companies Services and Computer Engineering, in many application areas (industry, management, leisure etc.).Upstream of the project the technician is responsive to customer expectations. This study accurately a number of parameters to carry out his mission; these include specifications, capacity of the technical environment and the constraints of the customer's production system. Downstream, it participates in the commissioning and technical support of the application.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:

  • Analysis and design
  • Analyze and interpret specifications
  • Write functional and technical specifications
  • Carry models and prototypes
  • Design database
  • Design a user interface in a Windows environment (GUI) or the Internet (IUI).

At the completion Technique

  • Carry software components using an object oriented programming language.
  • Assembler and integrate software components
  • Carry unit tests and integration tests
  • Participate in setting operation and support of the application
  • Have either a Baccalaureate degree or a Technician diploma recognized by the public authorities ; obtained at least one year before the registration date ;
  • To be no less than 20 years old at the registration date ;
  • Have at least one year of significant experience.

03 years (27 months, 4 weekly training courses).

  1. Employees who are enrolled by companies and organizations subject to Vocational Training Tax ;
  2. Employees coming from companies and organizations subject to Vocational Training Tax ;
  3. Categories exempt from Tax ;
  4. Employees and organizations subject to Vocational Training Tax, enrolled individually ;
  5. First-time job seekers.
Specialized Technician 850 DH
Technician 650 DH
Qualification 450 DH
SOCIOPROFESSIONAL CATEGORIES Tertiary Other sectors All sectors



Other regions All regions
Taxable employees enrolled by their employers       750 DH 660 DH 420 DH
Non-Taxable employees
  TS T TS T TS T Q  
Taxable employees enrolled individually 360 DH 240 DH 240 DH 180 DH 240 DH 180 DH 60 DH  
First-time job seekers
Taxable employees who are resigning

The training is modular, and assessments are carried out as follows:

  • Continuous Controls;
  • Culminating examinations;
  • Passing examinations ;
  • End of training examination

After several years of successful experience, the Skilled technician in IT development can move to different functions depending on their abilities and motivations:

  • Technical expert: DesignerDirector, Software Architect, ...
  • Professional business: Analyst, Application Manager, ...
  • Supervision: Project Manager.

The creation of an IT services company in application development is for some an opportunity.

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