Training Overview

Evening classes
Training Overview

The Industrial Production Technician clothing works mainly in the chain clothing manufacturing enterprises and frame, mesh and jeans and sportswear industrial clothing.his role is to ensure the production on time, technical specifications and customer quality standards.His responsibilities are closely related to compliance with customer requirements, coordination with other services and manufacturing model. The main activities associated with this function are to coordinate, monitor, supervise production to achieve the performance objectives while respecting the quality and deadlines.

After the training, the laureate will have been prepared for a smooth integration into the labor market and to adapt to its performance requirements, health and safety. Having acquired professional be familiar withledge base of materials, techniques and equipment and supervision, he will be able to Execute the tInstalls of industrial production following clothes:

  •  Planning the launch of the channel
  •  Develop workstations
  •  Check production
  •  Manage the risks of production
  •  Assess the state of the park machine
  •  Supervise operators.

Modules :

  • Arabe
  • Communication écrite et orale
  • Anglais technique
  • Législation/PME
  • Culture d entreprise
  • Métier et formation en habillement
  • Caractérisation des matières textiles
  • Équipements et accessoires de confection
  • Techniques de piquage et d’assemblage
  • Santé et sécurité au travail en habillement
  • Normes de qualité
  • Attitudes professionnelles
  • Interprétation des patrons
  • Chronométrage de opérations
  • Résolution de problèmes
  • Aménagement des postes de travail
  • Interaction avec l’atelier de coupe
  • Bureautique
  • Confection d’échantillons
  • Lancement de la production
  • softs Skills
  • Application d’équilibrage
  • Supervision d’un groupe de production
  • Contrôle de la production
  • Aléas de la production
  • Formation du personnel
  • Contrôle de l’État du parc machine
  • Stage en entreprise

The training is modular, and assessments are carried out as follows:

  •  Continuous Controls;
  •  Culminating examinations;
  •  Passing examinations ;
  •  End of training examination

After gaining experience, people demonstrating the capacity and willingness to learn can access workshop Director positions or Technical Director. According to their potential, with experience and proper training, they can also access to positions of managers or they may create a small clothing company. They will be encouraged by the opportunity of programs for young entrepreneurs.

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