Training Overview

Evening classes
Training Overview

The technician in electricity of industrial maintenance is skilled to ensure installation, and maintenance for electrical industrial equipment.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:

  • Install cables and canalizations
  • Install light outputs
  • Install, connect and maintain the light
  • Install and maitain low-voltage control
  • Install, connect and maintain tranformers
  • Install, and maintain sonar alarms and signalling
  • Use the programmable controller
  • Install recover engines
  • Install and repair electronic controls of engines
  • Install electrical system controlled by API

The training mode is residential or alternate and evaluations are assessed as follows :

  • Continous controls
  • End-of-modules exams
  • Culminating exams
  • Final exams

After a few years of experience of continuous training and after demonstrating his skills and acting conscientiously, the technician will be entrusted with greater responsibilities in terms of autonomy, and managing tecnical difficulties. He can also start his own company operating in specific activities such as: transformers maintenance and installations of electrical equipement.

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