Training Overview

Evening classes
Training Overview

Transport in Operating Skilled Technician's mission is to organize and control the execution of a transport service tailored to customer demand while ensuring optimization of material resources and the company's human resources.It is a sedentary activity that occurs most often in normal working hours. However, travel outside may be considered for action marketing or processing of disputes.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:

  • Manage a team
  • Commercialiser a transport service
  • Organize and plan a transport operation
  • Track and manage a transport operation
  • Manage a profit center.

The training is modular, and evaluations of the training are:

  •  Continuous Controls;
  •  Culminating examinations;
  •  passing examinations;
  •  End of training examination.

Transport in Operating Skilled Technician usually works in road transport companies of goods or passengers. However, He can also exercise in industrial or commercial enterprises with an internal transportation service and among brokers or freight forwarders.In view of its activities, the Skilled Technician of transport in operation, can evolve into cross trades as marketing of transport services.It may also, after a few years of experience and skills as he demonstrates, access after following proper training, a corporate director post or agency.

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