Yes. The OFPPT internal rule impose attendance to classes, and all absences need to be justified.

Internal Rule

  • The annual amount of the full scholarship funding is 6334 dhs, paid in three instalments
  • The annual amount of the partial scholarship funding is 3167 dhs, paid in three instalments

As a reminder, the full scholarship funding is reserved only for interns, chose parents/tutors live outside the urban perimeter of the town where their institute is located.

Interns who live in the same town where their institute is located, receive a partial scholarship funding, which amount is also paid in three instalments.

Use the following steps to enroll for the basic Compulsory Health Insurance for students :

  • Access to your personal sheet by loging on to : Takwine OFPPT
  • Complete the information contained in the 3 tabs (Interns/ Parents/RIB)
  • Validate the sheet by clicking on the « Valider » button
  • Click on « Imprimer documents »
  • Tick the line 223 and click on « impression » icon

The declaration form Medical Insurance Coverage must be appended to the registration file, and both signed and certified.

The Professional Baccalaureate helps baccalaureate holders increase their employability. The goal of this branch is to allow te degree holders them make a successful transition to the labour market, or to enroll for advanced studies (Vocational bachelor degree, Engineering School, Business school…).

The OFPPT allows the best laureates to benefit from the gateway system. This system consists of the accession of a training level to a higher level, for the channels chosen by the central directorates.

You can contact the directorate of your training institute or the regional directorate to which you belong.

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You can either check the holiday calendar inside your training institute, or on the OFPPT website : Holiday Calendar

The schedules are displayed inside the training institutes.

The calendar is displayed inside the training institutes and also available on the OFPPT website 

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