Training Overview

Effectively study an international market provider Establish diagnostics on a purchasing portfolioChoose a relevant, and coherent procurement strategy, with the overall goals

Duration of the training:
 Purchasing Manager and Purchasing Engineer, Business Developer
  • Theoretical training
  • Case study
Identify the needs
  • Identify issues for the company, and the purchases
  • The concepts of group, category and segment.
  • Techniques to skilfully classify purchases.
  • The components of supply and demand.
  • Marketing surveillance, and market studies .
  • The means to understand the market.
  • Consider opening to different markets.
  • Distinguish between price and costs.
  • Build models of simple and explicit cost.
  • Quantify leeway.
  • Identify the risks and opportunities of a portfolio
  • The definition of marketing procurement risk.
  • Quantify risk.
  • Determine the earnings related to purchase.
  • The consequences which stem from the strategy.
  • Set priorities with the appropriate tools.
  • Impact on costs, and on supplier Relationship.
  • Make "good choices" tactics.
  •   Analyze the market  Analyze costs  Define action plans: operational marketing