In order to benefit from the basic AMO, the following conditions must be met:

  • To be no more than 30 years old
  • Never have been beneficiary, as an insured or as an entitled beneficiary through an insured person, of any other medical coverage of any kind

In order to benefit from the Basic Mandatory Health Insurance for students, the trainee must follow the following steps:

1- Fill in the Registration Form

2- Sign the form:

The trainee must print registration form after being duly completed on the electronic platform, then sign it, and attach it to the registration or re-registration request application at his training institution.
The signature must be officialy certified from local authorities.

3- File your registration application:

The registration applications for basic AMO for students, are filed to the training establishements.

4- Examination of the eligibility:

After receiving the lists of eligible trainees, CNOPS informs trainees of their registration by sending an e-mail to the address declared by the trainee in the registration platform.
It also sends the list of registered trainees to concerned establishements, in order to circulate the information in their training areas.

The AMO for students covers a wide range of medical services, including: preventive care, surgical procedures, radiology, drugs and medical devices that are reimbursable through the AMO, etc.

Beneficiaries who have a bank account will receive refunds of their medical expenses via bank transfer, the number of which is given in the application form.

Otherwise, refunds will be made via a postal order to the trainee's personal address.