Training Approach

The training is declined into a modules according to the field of study, level and method of training.

  1. The duration, modes, levels, courses and schedules are set by the OFPPT in accordance with the regulations in force.
  2. Trainees are informed of training programmes and evaluation procedures after they have being fragmented, by means of posters in the training locations.
  3. Trainees are required to attend all courses included in the programme's timetable as well as the assessment tests. They must also attend information sessions and related activities. Similarly, they are required to be present at the intermediate and final sequential assessment tests.


  1. Training internships periods are mandatory. They can take place according to specific periods, within the framework of the Alternate Professional Training (APT) or other training methods.
  2. They are organised in close collaboration between the establishment and the host company, which agree on the training methods.
  3. Trainees are required to comply with the regulations within the host company. They are also required to write a report at the end of the internship and submit it to the VET Directorate.


  1. The training is followed by examinations, the frequency of which varies according to the pedagogical organisation and the level of training.
  2. The examinations at the end of modules, passage and end of training are governed by memos issued by the Top Management, in accordance with the internal regulations (currently being revised) and the evaluation procedures in force.

Training Certification

  1. The training is certified by a diploma in Arabic and French or by a certificate.
  2. The average required for graduation must be greater than or equal to 10/20 (ten out of twenty).
  3. A certificate of cessation of training, specifying the duration of attendance, is issued to trainees who have interrupted their training during the cycle.


A system of bridges governed by a ministerial circular is being implemented to enable the most deserving trainees to access higher levels.

Selection Process

> Specialized Technician Level

The selection consists of ranking candidates according to the overall average of the baccalaureate, in the following order of priority:

  • Baccalaureate graduates who received a rating of "Very good", then "Good", then "Fairly good".

  • Bachelor's degrees in Mathematical Sciences or Technical Sciences
  • Applicants under 26 years of age, and holding a Bachelor degree
  • Baccalaureate graduates who have obtained a "Fair" mark, ranked according to the overall average of the baccalaureate.

> Technician and Qualification Levels

The selection process is based on a psychotechnical test, that aims at evaluating:

  • The ability to reason in its different forms

  • The academic prerequisites necessary for learning the training courses provided by the OFPPT

The selection tests are organised in three national sessions per level of training.

> Specialization Level

Admission is processed by file selection, on a "first come, first served" basis, and completed with a motivational interview.

> Qualifying Training

For these courses, access is conditionned by succeeding admission test and/or an interview.

The different training courses offered are organised as follows :

  • Initial training courses
  • Qualifying training courses
  • Training for companies

The training courses offered by the OFPPT are organised around the following :