Training Overview

Master the company's financial analysis toolsEstablish a diagnosisAssist the decision making, by putting into practice dynamic tools

Duration of the training:
Accountants, financial, and controllers, financial analysts, and anyone wishing to understand the financial situation of a company
  • Theoretical training
  • Case study
Introduction to financial analysis
  • The goals of a financial diagnosis
  • The sucess factor of a financial analysis
  • Decipher the usual accounting information
  • Identify distortion sources, of an accounting information
  • The balance sheet deficiencies over financial logic
  • Straighten the operations related to "window dressing" (window dressing)
  • Analyze the financial structure, and assess the financial stability
  • move from an accounting balance sheet, to a financial balance sheet
  • Integrate information offbalance sheet
  • Calculation of Working Capital, BFG, and Cash Flow
  • The structure ratios, indebtedness, liquidity, and rotation ratios
  • Assess the activity, and the level of margins
  • Identify Sales Management Intermediates (GIS)
  • The activity ratios, productivity, margin and profitability ratios
  • The calculation of the selffinancing capacity and / or Cash Flow (MBA)
  • Interpret key ratios, based on sectoral standards
  • Mapping the significant ratios
  • Establish a grid of interpretation, taking into account the usual standards
  • Use these "blinkers" to easily identify a situation of a financial crisis
  • Understand the utility of dashboards, needed analysis
  • The concepts of operating, investment and financial cash flow
  • Quick analysis of cash flow variation
  • Structuring financial diagnosis
  • The 5 key points of analysis
  • Structure the strengths, weaknesses, and identified risks areas