Training Overview

Acquire an overall perspective of Human Resources ManagementIdentify key processes of HRM

Duration of the training:
Executives wishing to have a overall perspective of Human Resources Management issues whithin companies
  • Theoretical training
  • Case study
Human Resources Issues
  • Incorporate the approach into the corporate strategy
  • New Human Resources issues
  • Labor law basics
  • The legal and administrative framework
  • Individual and collective aspects of labor law
  • Relationship with the representative regulators
  • Recruitment
  • The recruitment process
  • The various actors in the process
  • Manage internal mobility
  • Anticipated competencies management
  • Identify the different tools and methods
  • Conducting interviews
  • Payroll and motivation Management
  • Payroll system and wage policy
  • Training
  • Development and implementation of the training plan
  • The various mechanisms: professional, VAE, and other
  • Communication and social climate
  • What, and when communicate ?
  • Social climate Measurement indicators