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There was also Mrs LOUBNA TRICHA, Director General of OFPPT, accompanied by the Director of Development and the Head of the Cooperation Division, Mrs LEANNA MARR, Deputy Director of USAID Mrs Nadia AMRANI, Development Specialist, Gender Advisor, USAID Morocco,

Mr. Maximilien PIEROTTI, Country Program Director. This visit is part of the strengthening of the partnership between OFPPT and USAID. OFPPT and USAID, it should be recalled, work jointly on diversified projects, such as the "Carrer Centers" project, aimed at ensuring a better match between the various training offers provided by OFPPT and the evolving needs of the economic sectors, particularly vital sectors such as construction, heavy machinery or transport/logistics.


The AGEVEC project, as a reminder, is the result of a joint partnership involving USAID, UNIDO, VOLVO, the OCP Foundation, the Ministry of National Education and Professional Training and the OFPPT.


It should also be recalled that the Mohammed VI School of Training in Building and Public Works in Settat is a unique institution in the African continent and the Arab world, due to its capacity, its equipment and its training offer which covers practically all the trades in the building and public works sector.