Training Overview

Communicate effectively in training situation

Duration of the training:
  • Theoretical training
  • Practical case
  • Role playing games
Communicate effectively: Basics ... and tricks !
  • Impregnate the basics: verbal and nonverbal language: use them effectively
  • Filter, omission, interpretation : thwart communication traps
  • Play actively
  • Reformulate effectively
  • Identify the communicative situation
  • Adapt one's communication to a communicative situation
  • Adapt one's communication to the profiles of interlocutors
  • Determine the purpose of the exchange
  • Identify the expectations of one's interlocutor
  • Develop an appropriate strategy
  • Think "customer benefit" to convince one's interlocutor
  • Choosing one's words
  • Arguing with relevance
  • Identify and analyze difficult situations
  • Prevent conflicts
  • Restart a constructive dynamic: words and attitudes
  •   Adapt one's behavior to a communicative situation Communicate effectively   Convince and get someone to adhere   Anticipate difficult situations ... and go over them