Training Overview

Being able to develop a specification note, in order to define the set of requirements and restrictions, that the service must comply with

Duration of the training:
Head or in charge of training, Project manager training, Head of training engineering
  • Participatory Approach
  • Specific cases and simulations
Define the concept of the training specification note
  • The different types of training and their organization
  • When to write a specification note?
  • Examination and discussion between participants, about the specification note requirements
  • The essential elements of a specification note
  • Measuring components regarding the backer, and the service provider
  • The exactitude of training specification note
  • The leeway given to service providers
  • Case study: develop a specification note, in response to an internal request
  • Creating an indicator and measurement grid, of a provided service
  • Negotiation and final approval of the choosen training provider
  • Simulation: Create a grid, which facilitates the choice of the provider
  • Identify indicators and specification note requirementsWrite the specification noteDetermine the criteria and conditions for choosing a training provider