Training Overview

Master the inventory management and supply rules

Duration of the training:
Manager of procurement and supply
Definitions and analysis of a stock ---What does a stock mean ---The Pareto law and the stocks ---Customer service level, conform tothe ABC analysisStock exists valuation model
  • Weighted average cost Basics
  • Weighted average cost of each entry
  • Weighted average cost related to the "storage period"
  • Method FIFO / LIFO
  • fixed period control system
  • fixed amount control system
  • Demonstration of inventory movements, with periodic resupplying method
  • Costs related to inventory holding
  • Costs related to ordering or launching
  • Costs related to procurement and stock disruption
  • The inventory holding rate
  • The Rotation, and the safety stock rate
  • The physical stock-taking methods
  • Average stock, the saw-tooth inventory diagram
  • The management model with descreasing costs
  • Resupplying method Costs related to the Inventory Management Applications of inventory management tools