Training Overview

Establish a marketing plan, in consistency with the corporate strategic plan Implement the Marketing plan in concrete business planPresent and defend the marketing plan

Duration of the training:
Marketing executives
  • Theoretical training
  • Case study
Integrate one's marketing plan to the corporate strategy
  • Define the Strategic Business Areas (DAS) and leading products
  • Implement the marketing strategy
  • Develop strategic, tactical, and operational goals
  • Construct the matrix S.W.O.T, and draw the different strategic paths
  • Segment and target markets
  • Deploy effectively the marketing mix variables: ProductPriceDistributionCommunication
  • Presales, and Postsales
  • Process and Environment
  • Implement goals for each action, and ensure their monitoring
  • Measure the gaps results/goals, and elaborate contingency plans
  • Identify and manage human resources, technical and financial useful resources
  • Locate the issues of the implementation of the marketing plan, throughout the company
  • Use argments in terms of customer benefits (internal and external)
  • Adhere and mobilize one's internal team, towards the strategic plan
  •   Develop marketing planMonitor and manage one's marketing actions  Present and defend one's marketing plan